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Step-by-Step Instructions - ArticleReach

  1. If you find an article that SBU Libraries does not have access to and you see a link to "Request through ArticleReach," click it to send a request for the article.

    The screen will look like this:

    Or this:

  2. After you click "Request through ArticleReach," you should see a new page with a form like the one below. In the first field, type your full name (first and last name). In the next field, type the full ID number found on your SBU ID card, immediately followed by the three letter code for our institution--"SBU."  Example: 0123456SBU
    ***STUDENTS, this number is usually the six digits in your student email preceded by a "0."  Check your SBU ID card to verify this is your full ID number.
  3. Once you have filled in the fields with your information, click "Submit."

  4. Another page will come up with information about the article you are requesting.  Make sure this information looks correct--if not, try to fix it. 
  5. In the "Not Wanted if Supplied After," choose the date that you need the article by and click "Submit."

  6. You should then see a page that says "Request submitted." Click "OK."
  7. Typically, you will receive an email with the article attached as a PDF file by the date you specified. However, in very few cases the article cannot be obtained or found in a timely manner.  Thank you for your patience as our library staff do our best to get you the information you requested!