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Our Bearcats deserve to have an excellent learning environment that includes comfortable and technology-enhanced learning spaces, excellent physical and digital information resources and personal support from library staff. Each year, special projects and/or new resources are needed to continue to provide this excellent learning environment; however, funding for these projects and resources is limited. We need your help to make special projects and new resources possible. Your giving to one or more of these funds helps the University Libraries support student learning, faculty research and life-long learning. Please consider supporting one of these projects or funds.

Special Project Funds

  1. University Libraries Endowment
    This endowment was established by the Dean of the University Libraries. The purpose of the endowment is to provide funds for special projects, capital improvements, equipment and other non-operating expenses to enhance the physical learning environment of students using library facilities. Gifts to this fund ensure ongoing funding for special projects and programs to enhance students' learning environment.
  2. Joyce Sells Heritage Center (JSHC)
    This endowment fund was established in honor of former First Lady Joyce Sells. The endowment was established by the Women's Club at the opening of the Heritage Center. Mrs. Sells was instrumental in preserving the University's history during her tenure as First Lady. The JSHC houses historical artifacts, documents and memorabilia items that are available today because of her efforts. Giving to this fund will enhance the preservation of the University's history.
  3. Southern Baptist Periodical Index (SBPI)
    SBPI is an index published by the University Libraries that serves Southern Baptist Institutions. The index provides access into periodicals published by Southern Baptist institutions.  Normal operating expenses are covered by fees from member institutions and subscribers.  However, funds are always needed to cover special projects.
  4. University Archives
    The University Archives is the repository of the University's archival records, artifacts and memorabilia. The University Archives endowment was established by Sandra L. Brown, Associate Professor Emeritus of Library Services, University Archivist. The purpose of this endowment is to provide funding for special projects, equipment and extraordinary operating costs associated with the preservation and storage of the University's history.

Book/Material Funds

  1. Butler Baptist History Collection
    Mr. and Mrs. Herman Butler established this endowment to support the Butler Baptist Heritage Collection. The purpose of this endowment is to provide annual funding to purchase books or other resources on Baptist history. Contributions to this fund will enable the University Libraries to acquire items that support student learning of Baptist history through courses taught by the Redford College.
  2. Don Allen Children's Literature
    This endowment was established in honor of Dr. Don Allen. Dr. Allen is a former faculty member who taught children's literature courses for the Elementary Education Program in the College of Education and Social Sciences. The endowment provides annual funding to purchase new children's books that supports student learning through courses taught in the College of Education and Social Sciences.
  3. Gallatin History Books
    This endowment was established by Dr. Harlie Gallatin, Senior Professor Emeritus of History. The endowment provides annual funding to purchase history books that supports student learning through courses taught by the Department of History and Social Sciences.
  4. Marie Chaney Used Book
    Dr. Charles Chaney, former SBU President, established this endowment fund to acquire theology, religion, and philosophy books in honor of his mother, Marie Chaney. Being a scholar and theologian, Dr. Chaney valued the benefit of being able to read from history's greatest theologians and scholars. He established this fund to acquire books that would be considered used, but were written by scholars from past generations.

Establishment of an Endowment

The University Libraries seeks partners to support student learning through the establishment of book, electronic resources, journal or media endowments. Do you have a passion for a specific program? Would you like to see additional resources acquired to support the program? If so, we would enjoy discussing your passion and how we can partner with you!

How to Give

If you know the project you want to support, giving online is an easy option. The Development Office has created an online system to make a donation. When you go to the website, you enter an amount and click continue. The system will allow you to identify one of accounts listed above to made a donation. Thanks for your support!

Make a Donation

If you have a special project in mind or would like to discuss other giving options, please contact the library.

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