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Recordings and Tutorials

Video and written tutorials for library resources

Locating an eBook

There are two ways of locating eBooks owned or available to SBU students, faculties, and Staff. You may search for eBooks through the University Libraries's catalog or search/browse through individual databases that the library subscribes to.

Searching the catalog

From the search box on the library homepage, select the Books/E-Books tab. Type a keyword for the eBook and click on the search icon.

Searching eBooks databases

See our complete list of databases with eBooks.  Choose a database that you would like to search based on the description of the database. Each database has a search box that will allow you to find eBooks by title, author, or topic. If you need assistance searching the databases, please contact your Personal Librarian.

Reading eBooks

Downloading eBooks

The process for downloading eBooks from the databases the library offers is different for each content provider. To learn how to download eBooks from the various databases, check out the pages in the menu under eBook Basics.

eBook Devices

Most mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) and computing devices (desktop and laptops) are capable of reading eBooks. Some common dedicated mobile eBook devices are Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, and Kobo. By using eBook apps, smartphones and tablets can be used as eBook readers. Also, for desktop and laptop computers, there is software that can be installed in order to read eBooks.

eBook Apps & Software

Here is a list of apps and software that you may need to download into your smartphones, tablets, desktops or laptops in order to read eBooks.