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Library Policies & Goals: Policies


Guest Patron and Alumni Library Card Application

Please see this form to apply for a University Libraries account.

Alumni Policy

This policy identifies the library services offered to SBU alumni.

Complete Policy: Alumni Policy 2003

Appeal Policy and Appeal Form

In order that students or other library users may appeal the findings of the library regarding revocation of privileges, the following procedure has been established. The purpose is to give the user an opportunity to have his or her individual case reviewed. It is the responsibility of the user to initiate the appeal and follow the procedure outline.

Complete Policy and Appeal Form: Appeals Policy, Appeals Form

Collection Development Policy

The purpose of this Collection Development Policy is to provide guidelines for acquiring,
maintaining, and evaluating library information resources for Southwest Baptist University. The
guidelines established in this policy provide for a systematic method of developing the library’s
collection of materials and in addition, serve as a communiqué of the library’s collection
development policy to its users. Using the principles outlined in this document, guidelines for library collection development for each academic department have been developed. Assessment
procedures appropriate to each subject area will be formulated from these.

Complete Policy: Collection Development Policy

Copyright Compliance Policy

The University Library Copyright Policy is intended to provide information for library personnel as they apply copyright law and the “fair use” guidelines to library transactions. Information for use of various types of copyrighted materials is also presented.

Complete Policy: Copyright Policy

Disaster Preparedness Policy

Disasters can, and do, happen in libraries. Knowing what to do prior to, during, and after emergencies can prevent panic, protect lives, and lessen the severity of damage to library materials.

Complete Policy: Disaster Preparedness Policy

Fines & Fees Policy

Persons borrowing materials from the Library are responsible for returning the materials promptly, taking proper care of the materials, and for paying any fines, charges, or replacement costs that result from overdue, non-returned, or damaged materials.

Complete Policy: Fines Policy

Food and Drink Policy

The Library Food and Drink Policy is designed to protect library materials, furnishings and equipment from damages due to the presence of food and drink, including water and candy, in the library.

Complete Policy: Food and Drink Policy

Guest Patron Policy

The Southwest Baptist University is a private academic institution. Although the mission of the library is to serve the students, faculty and staff of the University, the library allows guest patrons the use of some library resources. All University and Library policies apply to guest patrons using the library facilities, services or resources. The University Library reserves the right to revoke or restrict guest patron privileges.

Complete Policy: Guest Patron Policy

Operating Hours Policy (Harriett K. Hutchens Library)

This policy establishes the normal operating hours of the Harriet K. Hutchens Library.  It also establishes guidelines for deviation from the normal hours of operation to meet specific or unique situations.

Complete Policy: Operating Hours Policy

Program-Level Student Learning Outcomes & Objectives

Complete Policy: Program-Level Student Learning Outcomes & Objectives

Study Room Policy

Complete Policy: Study Room Policy

University Archives Collection Development & Acquisition Policy

University Archives exists to collect, to preserve and to provide access to information and materials related to the history of Southwest Baptist University. Primary users of the information will be members of the university community, and others as approved.

Complete Policy: University Archives Collection Development and Acquisition Policy

University Archives Preservation & Access Policy

In order to achieve the mission of the University Archives there must be an appropriate balance between the physical preservation of the collection and the needs of researchers who wish to access information contained in the collection. While it is understood that the major value of archives is to provide information to researchers, the first priority of an archives program must be the physical security and preservation of the collection for future use. Therefore, access to the University Archives collection shall be balanced with arrangements for the physical safety and preservation of the collection.

Complete Policy: Archives Preservation and Access

Library Incidents Policy

Because of the nature of this institution it is imperative that an environment conducive to study be maintained at all times. Therefore, all library users are expected to exhibit behavior which is appropriate for these surroundings.

Complete Policy: Incidents Policy

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