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Recordings and Tutorials

Video and written tutorials for library resources

OpenAthens allows you to access University Libraries' e-resources with your SBU username and password. If you are having trouble accessing something, follow the steps listed on this page.  If you are still having trouble, please contact the Digital Services Librarian.

To access the SBU Libraries's e-resources, you will login through the Southwest Baptist University login page pictured below. Enter your SBU username and password--the same one you use for MySBU and your SBU email account.

This page goes through a library service called OpenAthens to confirm that you are an authorized SBU user. Once OpenAthens confirms your SBU login, you will be redirected to the library resource you were trying to access.

Screenshot of e-resource login page

Do you want to connect to OpenAthens without going into a specific library resource? Go to
Are you getting the below page instead of the SBU login page? Follow the instructions below.

DO NOT ATTEMPT TO LOGIN to the OpenAthens page with your SBU login information. Under "Find your organisation," search for "Southwest Baptist University" and click it. It will take you to the proper SBU login page (as seen above). You will then be directed to the resource you tried to login to, or it will take you to MyAthens. If you are directed to MyAthens, you can then authenticate to any library resource that SBU Libraries provides you access to.

OpenAthens login page

Common E-Resource Access Problems

I am not getting the purple SBU login page, just an OpenAthens login page. What do I do?

If you are being taken to the OpenAthens login page (pictured above), follow the instructions above for getting access to the resource. If your login screen does not look like the two images above, please contact the Digital Services Librarian--Shellie Austin--at or 417-328-1626.

How can I make sure that I am logged in to OpenAthens and have access to all library resources?

Instructions for this are above. Start by going to The above instructions will guide you from there.

I am trying to access an e-resource from a copied link or a bookmark saved in my browser, but it won't load properly.

As of early June 2018, all of our links were changed when we switched to a new authentication software--OpenAthens.  Please try searching for the resource you are trying to access via our SearchEverything box or check our databases list. Once you locate it, save the new permalink to that resource for future access.

I'm at another school or library and when I try to access SBU Libraries' resources, it gives me the other school's login page.

We are currently working on fixing this issue with our access specialists at OpenAthens.  For now, the simple solution is to try to access the resources on a private network so your access to our resources will no longer be blocked.

When I search from the SearchEverything box, it doesn't load. There is just a white page, or it times out.

First, try using a different browser.  If the issue persists, shut your computer down and turn it back on.  Please explain the issue you are having, attach a screenshot of your browser (if you can) in an email, and send it to the Digital Services Librarian, Shellie Austin.

None of the above address the problem I am having.

Please explain the issue you are having, what resource you are trying to access, attach a screenshot of your browser (if you can) in an email, and send it to the Digital Services Librarian, Shellie Austin.