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Library and Internet Search Tools--Which One Will Best Meet Your Information Needs?

 There are many search tools available through the SBU Libraries and on the internet.

This chart breaks down the common reasons for using each tool and will guide you in choosing the best search option for your current research. 





Library Databases



Research Guides


Library Catalog




Internet Search


Google Scholar

I would like to find books, articles, and media with one search. 

I need many types of information sources for my project.

I want to see everything that is available on my topic in one place.

I am only interested in finding articles on my topic.

I want to do a focused search for only the most relevant materials. 

I need to use a specific database for the subject I am studying.


I am looking for research assistance that is customized to my course.

I want to see the best information sources for my subject area.


I am most interested in finding books and e-books on my topic. 

I am looking for a book that SBU owns.


I am looking for a book that is not available at SBU. 

I want to check out a book that is available at another Missouri library.


I need to get a basic introduction to a topic. 

I need to quickly verify a fact. 

I need information from websites and not academic sources.

I have searched library resources and need more academic or research-based information. 

I am having difficulty finding enough research on my topic.