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EAD 8073 Directed Research

The guide provides information for Ed.D. students and Ed.D. advisors. The guide is maintained by the Graduate Education Department.

Question Pro Set UP

Setting up a Personal Question Pro Account using the SBU University license:

1) Go to

2) "Select your University" from the dropdown list in the middle of the page: (Southwest Baptist University)

3) Click the "Get Started" button at the end of our now selected university

4) Finish the "Create Your Southwest Baptist University Account" page

You must put in your valid SBU email address (email must end in "")

HINT:  Once you have your account set up, input your survey.  When you send it SEND IT FROM YOUR PERSONAL or SCHOOL e-mail, with a 'link' directing the participant to Question Pro.  Otherwise your 'student id #' looks like 'spam'.