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HIS 3423 - Europe in the Middle Ages: Finding Information

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Finding Journal Titles

A-Z Journal Tracker

 A-Z Journal Tracker is a listing of all the libraries' journal subscriptions. Use this to check if journals and appropriate publication years are available electronically or in print. If you already have a journal citation, or you are looking for a particular journal title, use this source.

Films, Newspapers, e-Books

Inportant Information for Searching

For best results when doing your research

  • Use your syllabus, reference materials or encyclopedia to gather ideas to use for searching. (names, topics, etc.)
  • References at the end of articles are good sources for further information
  • Click on the Academic Search Premier link, it will open in another window, so you can taggle back to these instructions
    • enter search terms individually for better results ("Pepin the short AND war" reather than "Pepin short war")
    • When you find a good article, use its search terms for similar results
    • using OR widens your results; AND narrows them
    • Always check the box for peer reviewed articles
  • If you are having trouble finding information, contact a librarian for help

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