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EDU 2823 - Technology for Education: Trend Reporting & Concepts

Trends in educational technology

Trend Reports

The Horizon Reports 

The Horizon Project, as the centerpiece of New Media Consortium's (NMC) charts the landscape of emerging technologies for teaching, learning and creative expression.  Since 2002, the NMC has held an ongoing series of conversations and dialogs with hundreds of technology professionals, campus technologists, faculty leaders from colleges and universities, and representatives of leading corporations. 

NOTE: 'Horizon Reports' are released with a Creative Commons License and may be freely replicated and distributed for noncommercial purposes provided that each is distributed only in its entirety and otherwise in compliance with the CCL. The link to the complete CCL is available on the verso of the title page of each Horizon Report.

Other Trends

Augmented Reality & Geo-Augmented Reality

 Demo of Augmented-Reality Maps at TED Conference

Open Source Learning

  Speaker - Richard Baraniuk (Founder of Connexions, a Free, Open-Source, Global Clearinghouse of Course Materials) on Open Source Learning.

CONNEXIONS Consortium via Rice University