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NUR 5123 - Information Systems

Evaluating Websites

Websites can be used for research and can be an important part of your research.  However, it is important to evaluate websites before using the information that you receive from them.  It is unfortunate, but one never knows whether the information is correct, unbiased, up to date, etc. without first evaluating the site.  There are ways to make sure that the websites that look good, really are good. 

When looking at websites, you want to consider the criteria for evaluating websites.  You can find those by taking a look at the following two websites.  Use these criteria each time you look at a website to see if it is research-worthy.

Evaluation Criteria

Evaluating Web Pages


Films on Demand

Check out the videos that are available from Films on Demand.  To access an SBU video resource, click on the link in your library research guide. This should open the video in the SBU database in which it is housed. If you have not logged into Open Athens in your current browser, you will be required to enter your SBU credentials before proceeding. Once the video loads, press play.

 If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Films On Demand