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Guide to LRC and Simulation Resources


This is a nursing resource guide to help ASN students improve their nursing skills. The information and resources in the guide are designed to help you prepare for LRC skills returns, help you with skills practices, and improve your simulation experiences each semester. Use the tabs at the top of each page to navigate to the page for your current ASN semester. 

Please feel free to contact the library by phone, email, or chat message if you need additional information. Contact information and office hours are linked in the sidebar on this page and throughout the guide. 

Nursing Skills Resources at SBU

What is the LRC?

The College of Health Professions Learning Resource Center, located in the Wayne & Diana Hutchins Center for Nursing Education on Lark St., is a place for nursing students to practice clinical nursing skills related to each semester's course-related and clinical topics and assignments. Students will be required to have certain skills signed off on in each semester of the ASN program.  

LRC Contact Information, Orientation, and Skills Fair Information

What is the Simulation Lab? 

The College of Health Professions Simulation Lab, also located in the Wayne & Diana Hutchins Center for Nursing Education on Lark St., allows nursing students to practice or reinforce realistic nursing practice interactions with simulated patients and/or situations. The Nursing Simulation Lab is a tool that enables learners to practice important skills in a controlled environment, one accepting of errors and encouraging of critical thinking.   

Simulation Contact Information & Manikin Orientation

Reserve a Study Room


Need to reserve a study room?

Study rooms may be reserved in the library on the Bolivar Campuses by using the link below.

Please make sure you are familiar with the Study Room Policies before reserving a room.  


  • Study rooms may be used by: SBU Students, SBU Faculty, or SBU Staff.
  • Occupancy: Maximum Occupancy is determined by the room size. Maximum Time Period is 2 hours.
  • Using the Study rooms: Reservation is compulsory. Individuals must relinquish to a group if all other rooms are in use. Guest patrons must relinquish to SBU faculty, students, or staff.
  • Reserving study rooms:
    1. Groups may reserve study rooms up to two weeks in advance
    2. Groups who do not show up within 15 minutes of their reserved time forfeit the reservation
    3. Exception: Students with identified special need should contact library staff for assistance.