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3D Printing/Additive Manufacturing

Supports CIS/PHY 3952 3-D Printing Techniques & the SBU Makers Club

Contest Rules

Contest rules are as follows: you are a SBU maker club member, your entry must be your original design, it must be successfully printed, and must be school appropriate. There will be three categories, Technical (functional), Artistic, and Scanned.  There will also be an overall winner to the whole contest.  

3D printed StatuesEntry Category: Scanned

Designer: Dr. Perry A. Tompkins

Scanner: Occipetal Structure Sensor

Printer(s): Leshp Delta

Material: PLA

Entry Category: Functional (Technical)

Designer: Dr. Perry A. Tompkins
Software: Fusion 360
Purpose First-Year Physics Laboratory
(s) Qidi Tech X-Pro and Leshp Delta

3d printed bluebird birdhouse bottom3d printed bluebird birdhouse bottomEntry Category: Functional (Technical)

Creator: Tyler Moose 

Bluebird Birdhouse Floor

The birdbox floor is a replacement of the wirecloth with bolt and 2 nuts used to make the normal floor of the PVC Birdbox (on instructables) that Tyler's dad designed. The design is suppose to fit better as it is tall enough that it should not get stuck on the lip of the PVC size adapter. In addition, the floor print is a mesh design so that bugs and moisture that may get in and be an issue normally can fall down through the post (a hollow PVC pipe). The handle allows for the box to be easily upturned and emptied, ejecting the old nest.


jewelry ringjewelry ring 3d printed displayed on handEntry Category: Artistic

Creator: Tyler Moose

Decorative Ring

The ring was based around the cross (mirrored on either side.)  In order to make it feel complete Tyler then added in a swirl around the longer gap which, in addition to the post leading to the center concave ‘dot’, adds stability to the upper half of the ring. This proved difficult as Tyler could not get the line system to work, so could only project and manually stretch the pattern onto the ring before using cutting away the circle via Boolean removal. Created by hand in Blender. (Winner: Artistic)

"woven" 3d printed tile"woven" 3d printed tile    Entry Category: Scanned

    Creator: Emily Terry

    Woven pattern

     Description: Scan of a ceramic tile with a 3-dimensional pattern on its surface. Design modified in Tinkercad, where the background of the table was removed from the scan and a new base was added.

(Winner: Scanned)

Entry Category: Functional (Technical)

Creator: Nate Dascher

The first model is a housing for a capillary electrophoresis (CE) instrument

The second model was created to hold a cuvette.

Each model is outfitted with a slot for a neutral density filter to be placed

between the light source and the detector to keep the detector from being overwhelmed.

Both models are also able to have a glass filter inserted into them to help

filter the wavelengths of light that are reaching the detector for the same reason.

Finally, both models are designed so they can hold the fiber optic cables.

(Winner: Categories Technical, Best Overall)

Cuvette holder

3D printed miniature motor componentsassembled motor     Entry Category: Functional (Technical)

     Creator: Jeremy Long

     Functions of the modern day motor: Pistons

 The design starts with a simple crank handle that provides a proper use of rotation which turns the shaft connecting to the spindle piece.  As    you rotate the handle clockwise (from top view), you begin to rotate the shaft which is connected to the offset spindle.  This spindle is responsible for spinning the piston organizer.

Congratulations to our 2021 3D Printing Competition Winners

Category Artistic

Winner: Tyler Moose

Category Scanned

Winner: Emily Terry

Category Technical

Winner: Nate Dascher

Category Best Overall

Nate Dascher (Pictured below with Best-Overall prize award- 3D printer)

2021 3D printing contest overall winner

Thanks to all our entrants!