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NUR 5533 Statistics and Data Analysis in Nursing

Writing in APA Style 6th Edition

  • All documents should be typed, double-spaced, with 1" margins 

  • Required font is 12 pt. Times New Roman

  • Each page should include a page header with the page number flush top right and the paper's title flush top left

  • The title of the paper in the page header (or running head) should be in all capital letters and should not be more than 50 characters including spaces. Use a short version of your title as needed


Additional strategies for style and formatting are available on the APA Style Blog Archive

Writing in APA Style 7th Edition

  • All documents should be typed, double-spaced, with 1" margins

  • Accepted APA Style fonts are 12 pt. Times New Roman; 11 pt. Calibri; 11 pt. Arial, 10 pt. Lucinda Sans Unicode, 11 pt. Georgia

  • Running heads are no longer needed. Actual title of the paper and page number need to be on the title page

  • Heading font sizes for levels 3 through 5 have been changed to make them easier to read. Please refer to the manual. 

  • The manual now states to always use a single space after any body-text punctuation, whether it is at the end of a sentence or not. In the 6th edition, two spaces would be required at the end of a sentence, while a single space would be used after punctuation that was not at the end of a sentence. 

  • Bias free language has been added to make using "they or "their" standard instead of gendered pronouns. 

  • Use descriptive phrases instead of nouns when referring or labeling individuals. 


Additional strategies for style and formatting are available on the APA Style Blog.