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CHR 3013 - The Mission and Ministry of the Church: MOBIUS

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Use MOBIUS to order books from any university library in Missouri. You can search the MOBIUS catalog from the library home page or at the MOBIUS Union Catalog.

For this project, you will have the most success searching MOBIUS by keyword or by subject. Searching by keyword lets you find books whose titles, authors, and section headings match your search terms. Subject search allows you to find books by the topics they cover, which allows you to quickly browse a selection of pertinent books.

MOBIUS does not provide much in the way of descriptions of books. The easiest way to learn more about a book before you order it through MOBIUS is to copy the book's title from the MOBIUS website and paste the title into the search box on Once you locate the book on Amazon, you can usually find a description as well as helpful reviews.

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