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CHR 3013 - The Mission and Ministry of the Church: Research in Ministry

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Research in Ministry

Research in Ministry (RIM) is a useful tool for finding scholarly information written specifically about Christian ministry. Here are a few key points about RIM:

RIM is an index

RIM does not contain full-text articles. It contains bibliographic information about articles as well as abstracts that briefly summarize the article. To obtain these articles, you will need to follow the interlibrary loan process.

RIM does not have a smart search interface

When you search for a term in RIM, it is very literal. If you search for "house churches" in the Title field, it will only display results that have the exact phrase "house churches" in the title. Searching for "house churches" in the Keyword field will display all results that contain "house" OR "churches" in the Title or Author fields.

The results displayed by RIM are always in alphabetical order and are not ranked by relevance. The results on page 1 are not necessarily a better match than the ones on page 8.

Accessing Research in Ministry

To access RIM, go to the library's articles and databases page. Locate the database in the database list either by typing its name in the search box or browsing for it by name or by subject.

On the next page, click the Enter RIM button.

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