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APA Style Guide

Writing in APA Style

  • All documents should be typed and not handwritten, double-spaced, and have 1" margins on all sides;

  • The recommended APA Style font is 12 pt. Times New Roman;

  • Each page of the document should include a page header with the page number flush top right and the paper's title flush top left;

  • The title of the paper in the page header (or running head) should be in all capital letters and should not be more than 50 characters including spaces. Use a short version of your title as needed;

  • The first page of the paper should be a title page, with the title of the paper, author's name, and their institutional affiliation (university name);

  • The next page of the paper may be an abstract, if the assignment instructions ask for one, or it may be the first page of the body of the paper;

  • The final page of the paper, on a separate page from the body of the paper, is the references page, where the full citations for all sources cited in the paper are listed in alphabetical order by first author's last name.  

Additional strategies for writing in APA Style are available on the Purdue OWL website

APA Style Example Papers and Templates