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*Library Orientation

Accessing Library Resources


To access the SBU Libraries's e-resources, you will login through the Southwest Baptist University login page pictured below. Enter your SBU username and password--the same one you use for MySBU and your SBU email account. 

This page goes through a library service called OpenAthens to confirm that you are an authorized SBU user. Once OpenAthens confirms your SBU login, you will be redirected to the library resource you were trying to access.

Southwest Baptist University login page

If you have issues logging in to the library resource, please take a look at our How To guide for possible solutions. Please contact the Digital Services Librarian if you need further assistance.

Bearcat pointing to Paws on Activity


Pretend you are having trouble logging in to a library resource.
Go check out the How To guide
and identify the person you would need to contact for help.

Your Library Account Login

You can access your library account to see what you have currently checked out from our library, renew your materials, and view your library holds and article requests.

To access your library account, watch the video or follow the steps below.

  1. Click the "My Account" button at the top of the library's homepage.
  1. Once you see the login page, enter your first and last name in the "Your Name" box. Type your FULL 7-digit SBU ID number, followed immediately by "SBU" (no spaces or punctuation).
    You can find your SBU ID number on your SBU ID card. This ID number typically starts with a zero (which must be included for the system to log you in).
  1. Click "Submit." This is what your account will look like upon login.

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Log into your library account and see what (if any) books you have checked out.
Try renewing them in your account!

Library Resource Logins

1st-Time Access: On-Campus Only

Certain library databases require you to be on-campus to create a login the first time you access it. Once you have registered and created your account, then you are able to access that resource anywhere. The resources that require this are:

Student Account Created by Professor or Librarian

There are also resources that must have an account created by the library or a faculty member. If you need access to one of the following resources, please contact your professor if it is for a particular class. Otherwise, you can contact the Digital Services Librarian and they will have an account created for you.


Bearcat pointing to Paws on Activity


Create a free LearningExpress Library account while you are on-campus.
Then, once you are off-campus, you can log in to your account and take advantage
of one of the lessons on Career Preparation, such as
"Create Great Resumes and Cover Letters" or "Interview with Confidence."

Quiz Yourself!