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*Library Orientation

About the guide

Welcome to the SBU University Libraries orientation guide. This guide is an introduction to the many resources available to you as a student at Southwest Baptist University. 

To access all library resources, please visit the SBU Libraries website. Feel free to contact the library by phone, email, text, or instant message with any questions, or if you need additional information. Contact information and library hours are linked in the sidebar on this page and throughout the guide. 

How to use the guide

This guide is broken down into bearcat bite-sized chunks (okay, maybe a little smaller than that), which you can access by using the tabs at the side of the page. 

Under each tab, you will find information about a particular area of the library resources. When you see the following icon

you will have an opportunity to try out some of the skills you have just learned. 

Once you have had have completed these hands-on activities, head over to this icon


and test your new knowledge! (Don't worry: these quizzes aren't graded!)

Once you finish a section, click on another tab on the left side of the page until you have finished each section. Tabs can be completed in any order, and you have the option to repeat tabs as many times as you like. If you like, or are the graduate programs, we also encourage you to check out the optional tab on citation managers. 

Once you have completed all the tabs, don't forget to take the final assessment quiz and self-reflection. This will be sent to your instructor to verify that you have completed the library orientation.  

Library Competencies

These are the library competencies we hope students gain through this guide:

I. The student will be able to explain the information need. (CE & CT)

II. The student will be able to use sources in research. (CT)

VI. The student will be able to identify the library as a place in the learning process.

Please Note: The abbreviations above coincide with SBU’s student learning outcomes.

  • Communicate Effectively (CE)
  • Critical Thinking (CT)

At the end of this guide students will be asked to rate their confidence in each competency, and to reflect on how their understanding of these competencies might affect their work as a student.