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*Library Orientation

What is a Citation Manager?

Reference management software allows you to group your sources together as you find them and then easily create citations and/or import them into your documents. These applications can simplify the citation management process for projects involving a high number of sources. Used primarily in research and writing heavy courses. 


For more information about reference management software, contact your instructor or personal librarian. 

Georgia State University Research Guides on Citation Managers

Here are research guides by Georgia State University on the top three most popular citation managers. Check these out for an look into how these products work, as well as which one might work best for you. 

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Check out the three Research Guides above on Zotero, EndNote and Mendeley.
Which citation manager has the discipline-appropriate citation style for your area of study?
Do any of them integrate with your choice of word processing software?
Between these three, which would be your choice and why?

Comparison of Reference Management Software

Interested in learning more about citation managers? The following tables compare notable reference management software, also known as citation mangers. This list can be overwhelming, but is easily sorted by multiple criteria. The comparison includes older applications that may no longer be supported, as well as actively-maintained software. Take your time and look over all the possibilities available to you. If you have questions, please reach out to your instructor or personal librarian. 

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Take a look at the comparison of reference management software chart on Wikipedia. 
How many different ways can the information be sorted so you can find what you need?

What is the most important factor to you when considering reference management software?


Quiz Yourself