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CIS 1103 - Introduction to Computing: Library Sources


  • Written or printed sheets bound together in a volume
  • Comprehensive analysis of a subject
  • Not as current as journal articles--publishing takes time
  • Often contain references or bibliographies
  • Can be popular or scholarly


  • Publications issued at a stated frequency such as daily or weekly
  • Contain news, editorials, and items of local interest
  • Useful for current events
  • Written by journalists, not scholars
  • Do not include references or citations for sources

Web Sites

  • Related web pages located on one web server
  • url (web address) often indicates the nature of the site:
    • .edu -- higher education institution
    • .gov -- government agency mandated to publish information
    • .com -- commercial site often selling products
    • .org -- organization, professional or otherwise
    • .net -- Internet service provider
  • Purpose often to entertain or to inform
  • Information often not reviewed and authenticated


  • Publications that come out "periodically" -- not a one time basis
  • Include magazines and journals

Popular Magazines

  • Periodicals aimed at the general public
  • Purpose is to inform or entertain
  • Useful for current trends and issues
  • Authors might not be identified
  • Articles are usually short
  • Sources often not identified
  • Usually include a lot of advertising
  • Can be purchased on newstands or by subscription

Scholarly Journals

  • More detailed specific analysis of a smaller topic
  • Articles written by scholars detailing their research
  • Credentials of the author are included
  • Articles often begin with an abstract or summary
  • Footnotes or references are included
  • Language is discipline specific
  • Limited or no advertising
  • Can only be purchased by subscription
  • Also called peer-reviewed, academic, refereed or professional journals