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CIS 1103 - Introduction to Computing: Photograph and Video Sharing

About Photograph and Video Sharing

Photo and video sharing sites are online databases of personal photos and videos uploaded by the general public.

These sites enable users to create their own personal libraries of photos and videos that they can choose to share or not share with other users over the internet. These sites also enable users to search for and store photos and videos posted by other internet users. Users are able to assign their own tags and categories to the files that they upload into their databases.

Originally, these sites were intended for users to share their homemade photos and videos, however, over the years, many users have been posting commercial content (sometimes illegally) onto these sites. In turn, various media companies have been using these sharing sites as venues for free advertising. 

Nonetheless, photo and video sharing sites are an important part of the social web, enabling users to post comments on each other's offerings and to search for content based on the tags they created for themselves.

(About photograph and video sharing was created at Tyndale University.  Permission to use was given by Mark Mueller.)

Photograph and video sharing tools

The following is a list of links to some of the popular photo and video sharing tools on the internet.

(Photograph and video sharing tools was created at Tyndale University.  Permission to use was given by Mark Mueller.)