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Blackboard: Integrating Library Resources: Reading List

Reading List

With our subscription to EBSCO Discovery Service, the library is providing a system in order to create reading lists into your course content in Blackboard. Below are the benefits of using the reading list.
•    You do not need to add the proxy prefix to the URL of the resource
•    You may add a web resource from its URL
•    You can determine students access statistics to the reading list
•    You can organize your reading list into folders
•    You may re-use the reading list from one term to another
•    You can make your reading list available to other faculty members to use.

Here are the steps to creating reading list.

•    You may be prompted to allow Pop-up for and Please allow and remember.
•    For internet Explorer, ensure that the Protected Mode under Local Intranet in the Security – Internet Options is enabled.
1. Log into Blackboard. Open the menu/content area/module page to which you want to add the reading list.
2. Click or mouse over Tools and select University Libraries reading List.
3. Give the reading list a Name. You may add description and set other options. Click on Submit. A link is created.
4. Click on the link “Reading List – Week 1”. A new tab is opened with the title of your reading list. In the search box provided, enter the search terms to the resource of your choice. Click on Search.
5. In the left sidebar, you’ll see Refine Search, similar to the EBSCOhost search result page. You are free to refine your search parameters. Make sure you click on Update.
6. Once you’ve located the resource(s) you want to add, click on the blue button “Add to Reading List”. It immediately changed to a red button “Remove from reading List”. You may click on it to remove the resource from the reading list.
7. Add as many resources as necessary to the reading list by clicking other blue button “Add to Reading List”
8. To preview your Reading List, click on the link, “See Current reading List” at the top side of the page.
9. Apart from viewing the list of resources selected, you have the option to view the statistics of students who have accesses the list, organize the list into folders, add text or instructions, add web resources.

Student View
1. Your students will see the link Reading List - Week 1.
2. Once they click Reading List link, it will launch a new tab, showing the reading list and be able to access the resources.
As an instructor, you may “Enter Student Preview” mode to also view the reading list.

Here is a document of this instruction with screenshots.