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Research Ethics/Article Retraction

Hindawi journals seems to be a frequent target of unscrupulous players- parent company Wiley is working to identify and correct weakness that likely contributed to exploitation of the journals. See also paper mills section of the 'Predatory' (Deceptive Publishing) page in this research guide.

There is absolutely no suggestion of fraud or deception associated with Dr Wolf's research.  The 'death recorded' error appears to be an entirely innocent error, based on misinterpretation of a legal term.

Ivy League/Tier 1 Academic Institutions

Even prestigious institutions are not immune from bias, ethical failings, research errors, sloppy citation practices and academic dishonesty.  It is important to carefully evaluate all research you reference in your own work, and not assume that research from tier 1 institutions/faculty should automatically be considered as sacrosant and authoritative.  All research, regardless of origin should be scrutinized accordingly.