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Research Ethics/Article Retraction

Drug Review, Approval, Recall, Accountability

"Drug discovery is not for the faint of heart. On average, it takes nearly a decade to produce a new drug, and less than 10% of candidates make it to the finish line—patient access." --

"The Food and Drug Administration has gotten faster at approving new prescription drugs over the past four decades, but the evidence it relies on in making those decisions is getting weaker, according to new research published Tuesday.  As a result, there are more cures and treatments on the market but less proof that they are safe and effective." -- NPR, All Things Considered  1/14/2020

"While the number and speed of drug approvals have been increasing over time, so have the number of drugs that end up having serious safety issues coming to light after FDA approval." -- University of Connecticut, UConn Today 5/21/2021

"Human Drugs regulatory activities account for 33 percent of FDA’s budget; 65 percent of these activities are paid for by industry user fees." --  Fact Sheet: FDA at a Glance (a Food and Drug Administration publication)